About Us

   Now the 2000s kids have grown up, each of them has a different type of interest, hobbies, and different tastes in fashion style. But some of them haven’t changed. They choose to go back to their childhood memories, although we are already in a modern era.

   Those who chose to go back to the 2000s style: call it Y2K fashion style or Y2K aesthetic. Of course, it’s aesthetic; it has unique beauty around it, not cliché nor boring. 

   But the only issue is that the year has changed, so does the fashion industry. Every big company sells current/modern clothing and accessories. So it’s hard for those who have an interest in Y2K aesthetic to find good quality Y2K products. That’s why Pinky Dollz exists; to provide you a lot of cool and hard-to-find Y2K stuff. 

   Pinky Dollz helps you to find the products that will make you feel like yourself by providing you good quality, hard-to-find 2000s aesthetic products. Everything you need is in our store. You can find clothing, accessories, jewelry, phone cases, airpod cases, bags, shoes, and many more. All you need to do is to pick some items and let us ship them to you.

   Once you’ve received your items, you can wear them or use them and take a picture with them. And if you’d like to, you can tag us (@pinkydollz) on your post.